sumika - Unmei e.p [2024.05.15+MP3+RAR]

sumika - Unmei e.p [2024.05.15+MP3+RAR]

sumika - Unmei e.p
Detail:  sumika - Unmei e.p
Artist & Title sumika - Unmei e.p  
File FormatMP3
Release Date2024.05.15


The renowned Japanese band Sumika has once again enchanted fans with their latest release, "Unmei e.p," which debuted on May 15, 2024. This song has been chosen as the opening theme for the eagerly anticipated second season of the popular anime 『ダンジョン飯』 (Delicious in Dungeon). Sumika's vibrant and dynamic music perfectly complements the adventurous and whimsical nature of the anime, promising to captivate both music lovers and anime fans alike.

Sumika's Musical Brilliance:

Sumika, known for its eclectic sound and engaging performances, has consistently delivered hit after hit, and "Unmei e.p" is no exception. The band, comprising Kenta Kataoka, Junnosuke Kuroda, Tomoyuki Arai, and Takayuki Ogawa, has crafted a song that is both uplifting and profound. "Unmei e.p" showcases their unique style, blending energetic instrumentals with heartfelt lyrics, creating a perfect backdrop for the fantastical world of 『ダンジョン飯』.

Anime Synergy:

The second season of 『ダンジョン飯』 (Delicious in Dungeon) continues to explore the adventures of Laios and his companions as they delve deeper into dungeons, combining thrilling action with culinary delights. Sumika's "Unmei e.p" captures the essence of this journey, enhancing the anime's opening sequences with its vibrant melodies and inspiring message. The synergy between the song and the anime's themes of camaraderie, exploration, and survival is palpable, making it a standout opening theme.

Behind the Song:

In creating "Unmei e.p," Sumika drew inspiration from the themes of destiny and adventure that permeate 『ダンジョン飯』. The lyrics reflect the characters' determination and hope as they navigate the dangers and wonders of the dungeon. The composition blends traditional rock elements with modern pop sensibilities, resulting in a track that is both nostalgic and contemporary. This fusion of styles mirrors the anime's blend of fantasy and everyday life, creating a cohesive and immersive experience for the audience.

Fan Reactions and Anticipation:

Since its release, "Unmei e.p" has garnered widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. Social media platforms are abuzz with praise for the song's catchy tune and meaningful lyrics. Anime enthusiasts have expressed their excitement for the second season of 『ダンジョン飯』, eagerly discussing how well Sumika's music complements the anime's narrative. The positive reception highlights the anticipation and excitement surrounding both the song and the anime's new season.


Sumika's "Unmei e.p" is a musical triumph, perfectly capturing the spirit of adventure and camaraderie that defines 『ダンジョン飯』. Released on May 15, 2024, the song has quickly become a favorite among fans, setting the stage for an exciting and memorable second season of the anime. Whether you're a fan of Sumika, an anime enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates good music, "Unmei e.p" is a must-listen track that promises to inspire and entertain.

Tracklist:  sumika - Unmei e.p mp3

1. 運命
2. Poker Joker
3. いつかの化け物
4. 卒業

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